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Case of the Month

What's your diagnosis?
Each month RSNJ will add a new "Unknown Case" with appropriate clinical history to our web site.
Bookmark this page and check back at the end of the month for the answer along with a new case challenge.

Unknown Case of the Month #199

Submitted by:
Dr. Neil Anand, PGY-3 Radiology Resident
Dr. Marci Handler, PGY-4 Radiology Resident
Dr. Hsiu Su, Musculoskeletal Attending
Morristown Medical Center, Atlantic Health System

A 9-year-old female presented to the emergency department with right ankle pain without a history of recent trauma. Right tibia/fibula radiographs as well as right ankle MRI were performed. Additional whole body MRI imaging was obtained after suspicion of a diffuse process increased. What is your diagnosis?


The answer will be posted next month along with the new Unknown Case of the Month.

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